Friday, September 19, 2014

Top 10 Guilty Pleasures: The Wide World of Wrestling Part 2

This edition of Guilty Pleasures is about wrestling. Specifically it is a mixture of Guilty Pleasure and Tribute. All of the wrestlers featured have left their legacy and passed away. Yes, this is Geexplosion's Rest In Peace version of Guilty Pleasures.

Mike Awesome
Michael Lee Alfonso
January 24, 1965 - February 17, 2007

Like many ECW alums Mike Awesome never found his niche outside of Viking Hall. I'm not certain if he would fall under guilty pleasures but I know most wrestling fans probably only knew him from WCW which is a terrible shame. He was the big man of ECW for a while both literally and figuratively. His battles with Masato Tanaka were feats of endurance and stamina.

Hercules Hernandez
Raymond Fernandez
May 7, 1956 – March 6, 2004

Hercules was a marvel to behold. When I was a child he was one of the biggest dudes ever. Looking at him now it's no surprise at all that he is dead. Fernandez passed away in his sleep from a heart condition. If he is remembered at all it is from his 7 years with the WWF (1985 to 1992). Although he did not win any titles in the WWF he was a memorable man that seemed to enjoy entertaining people.

Dino Bravo
Adolfo Bresciano
August 6, 1948 - March 10, 1993

Dino Bravo was one of those guys that was pretty amazing in the regional feds but when he was called up to the national spotlight of the new and improved WWF... he never got over with the fans. He was billed as the "Canada's Strongest Man" but oddly that wasn't enough to impress the Hulkamaniacs. He was shot to death due to his involvement in illegal organized Canadian crime.

Ludvig Borga
Tony Christian Halme
January 6, 1963 - January 8, 2010

Why did I like a Finnish nationalist who told American audiences he hated them because they weren't environmentalist? I wonder that myself. By all accounts Borga was a legit tough guy that everyone hated.