Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Llyod

I reluctantly tried to watch Dumb and Dumberer when it was first released on DVD. I will admit to liking Dumb and Dumber, even though I am not a fan of Jim Carrey. I think the Farrelly magic was working because I really did not want to like Dumb and Dumber, but it grew on me like a fungus. This... prequel, however, I can honestly say... I slept through it. Therefore, I can go into watching it this time like an innocent babe in the woods.

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Llyod (2003)
PG-13, Film, 85 Minutes
Dir: Troy Miller

The Synopsis: Harry and Lloyd met in a special education class during high school and become friends.

The Pro:

Elden Henson as Turk. I am not so much impressed with the character of Turk as I am fascinated by Elden Henson. Not only was he Fulton Reed in the Mighty Ducks franchise, but he is also going to play Foggy Nelson in the upcoming Daredevil series.

Brian Posehn's deadpan is a work of art. "Please pay me the 2.50..."

I hate Bob Saget. I don't understand the whole family crap... the only time he is moderately funny is when he is working blue. However, his role in this movie was the only laugh out loud moment I experienced.

I am not opposed to the assets that Rachel Nichols adds to Dumb and Dumberer.

The Con:

Did I ever mention how much I dislike most of the cast from SCTV? That includes the never funny Eugene Levy. Mr. Levy, who I hope saved every dime from all of the American Pie movies, happens to be the principal.

The Procon:


The Verdict:

Would I recommend this film? Sure. It's not brilliant by a long shot, but it means well. Miller tries very hard to mimic the Farrelly Brother's style and aesthetic, but it is painfully obvious that this is a movie that is trying too hard to be something that it can never achieve.