Sunday, October 19, 2014

Horrorthonpalooza 2014: Last of the Living

Last of the Living was included in a zombie 10 pack that I bought from Wal-mart of all places. I thought I would pop he top on the DVD and give it a spin. For the mood I am in Last of the Living seemed like the best choice. Time will tell if I should have just watched I Am Omega instead.

Last of the Living (2009)
UK15, Film, 88 Minutes
Dir: Logan McMillan

The Synopsis: (Per IMDB) A contagious virus is turning everyone into zombies, and the only hope for survival lies in the hands of three couch potatoes.

The Pro:

Because of the low budget most of the zombie destruction takes place off screen. McMillan's direction integrates this lack of gore very well. It is hardly missed. Never fear, occasionally some blood and guts does literally hit the camera.

This movie gives a whole new meaning for the phrase "run to the store".

Logan McMillan as the Vegan Zombie.

"No bullets left in Christchurch."

The Con:

I'm not a fan of the cure the zombie serum. Zombies are animated, dead creatures. Ain't no coming back from un-death. Who would want to be a zombie for a couple weeks and then become human again anyway? Seems like a miserable experience either way.

Not a big fan of the ending... Although it is very Romero.

The Procon:

Maybe a bit too much music. The movie almost plays like a music video - if any of you remember those. Fortunately, I dig the music.

The Verdict

Would I recommend this movie? Yes. This is a wonderful, low budget zombie film from New Zealand that counts as an entertaining romp.